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CYBERsitter BLACK is a small “black box” device that plugs into your router or switch and allows you to block porn, malicious, ransomeware, tracking, and advertising on every device on your network. This category is for questions and conversation about installing and using our CYBERsitter BLACK network appliance.

CYBERsitter for Windows

This category is for questions, problems and discussion about CYBERsitter for Windows.


LookInMyPC is Windows utility package that lets you almost literally look inside your PC and see things you never knew your PC was doing in the background. This category is for discussion, sharing tips and discoveries, and help with LookInMyPC operation.

Alligate SMTP Gateway

Alligate is a defensive anti-spam, anti-abuse SMTP gateway for Windows servers. It works with all mail servers, and provides extensive “front-door” protection and rejection of unwanted traffic. This category is for help and discussion about our Alligate product.